Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Once Bitten"

20" h x 8.75"w watercolor 


This work is only one in a series of many images of hostas and/or other foliage from around my yard, my neighbors yard and pond, or the Garfield Park Conservatory in Indianapolis.  I'm up to around 14 pieces, thus far - but I have more ideas to work through.  I think it is the colors that keep beckoning me!  I can't seem to get blue and green out of my mind!  I call the series "foliar abstractions."  I made up the word "foliar" because foliage abstraction just didn't sound quite right to me.  Since I'm the artist, I figured I could make a name up for the series if I wanted...artistic license!  Ha!
Some of the works are yet unframed.  Still others need re-framing (which means I'm not happy with them!)  Nearly all works will be for sale and I will post that information when they have all been framed or, at least, matted and ready for framing.

I might add that these are NOT part of what I consider to be a "Daily Depiction."  Nonetheless, I'll probably post pieces from the series here from time to time.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to comment - I look forward to it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday Night Painting Group


Patti and Steve (in back)

From left:  Elaine, me, Jeanne

from left:  Elaine, me, Jeanne, Steve

These photos were taken by Bob Hunt who attends a Monday night painting group at my studio.  I appear in the bottom two photos and am wearing blue gloves. I am still working on these pieces (a triptych) of fall leaves and branches against a blue sky.  I have had to lay them aside until I finish a couple of commissions. 

I plan to start this next week off with my daily depictions.  A friend recently finished an art challenge which was to create a work of art each day for 30 days.  She accomplished her goal with some wonderful results!  Way to go Sandie!  I hope to create a good work habit myself!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lush Lily Pads


 Detail of original watercolor 21.5"h x 45"w 

Here is the first of many posts.  I am still trying to figure out my new camera!  Hopefully it will not leave me baffled for long.  It is, after all, a matter of reading the instruction booklet!  
Anyway, the blossoming lily pad above represents only a small portion of the total watercolor painting.   I will attempt to post the work in its entirety subsequently.