Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well, this is embarrassing!  I have not posted in so long I have had thoughts of just starting over with the blog.  Of course, a lot has happened since the last time I posted in March of 2011, needless to say!  Our daughter got married last June. She, her husband, and two kitties have settled nicely into a new home and are even expectant parents now!  Yea!  I'm gonna be a grandma!

As far as art goes, I'm plugging away slowly, but surely.  More slowly than I would like, I might add!  But, that's just an excuse.  Anything a person wants to do badly enough, they will find time to do it.  I just have a bad habit of letting other things steal my time away.

I'm not going to try to catch up on everything at once.  Here are some photos from a few plein air events to start from Summer 2011

 This is the Kingen round barn in Hancock County, Indiana.  Our local group of plein air painters scheduled a time to paint there last summer.  It was hot, but a lot of fun!
 Me, trying to get a decent photo with my painting and the barn in the background.
 Nancy and Cathleen
Finally, Sandy offered to take my picture!

I'm still struggling with plein air oil painting... "trying to find my voice" as a friend recently put it.  This spring has found me doing much better, though.  I am feeling more confident.  After all, it is just paint on a board or canvas.  Nothing to get worked up about, right?  It is just so frustrating to me, oil painting plein air, that is.  I simply refuse to let it get the better of me!  So onward I go!  

I painted in watercolor at "First Brush of Spring," in New Harmony this past April (2012).
I was happy with the results.  I need to work in watercolor more often.  I seem to have better results.
I should reward all my hard effort in oil painting with allowing myself
to paint in watercolor as a reward!

 Portrait of Bill  sold
 "Harmony Iris" sold
I cropped this image down to 14" x 11," framed it and donated
 it to the Watercolor Society of Indiana's outreach program.


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