Monday, February 10, 2014

Perhaps the beginnings of a character . . .

Using a photo of my daughter as a starting place, I loosely painted what became a storybook character.  I haven't come up with a name for her.  I believe she may need to have an identity more completely her - so her appearance will likely change.  I'm thinking of faeries, not because I'm into faeries, trolls, and the like. But more because I believe she could live among the lilies, hostas and ferns growing in the garden and dance on the waterfall skipping from ledge to ledge.  I like to think of her living alongside the eastern tree frogs and toads, perhaps conversing with field mice and voles and shimmering irridescent green June beetles.  Therefore, she would need to be quite small so not to frighten the creatures away as do we humans.  Hmmm . . . ? 
I am completely open for suggestions and/or ideas.  Open a dialog with me!  Perhaps someone other than I would have a better story to tell!

Thanks for looking.
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